A place for the curious!

Hello everybody!
We have created this cozy little space for the curious and inquisitive who are not only eager to learn but also excited to share. Have you ever thought of the amount of bits and pieces of specific-though random- information that we store in our brains? Here is the place share!

We will post a topic every other Monday, for example: Music. And whoever is interested can leave in the comments some random specific information that they know related to that topic, for example: I know -for some unknown reason- that 'Under Pressure' by Queen is actually Bowie’s, but he gave the rights to Queen as a gift because he didn’t want his manager to get any revenue from it. People will have one week to comment.

The following week, will be for voting! That's right, we will be able to vote for the one fact that we consider to be the most interesting/bizarre/useful by liking the comment 👍🏼 that contains it. Each person can only like ONE SINGLE comment and, of course, it cannot be his/hers!

The winning post will be shared in our twitter account, and the author -if wanted- mentioned and credited.

Sometimes you might think that the information you hold might not be relevant or specific enough, but bear in mind that we all come from different backgrounds and have different interest and likes, so probably whatever you have to say, it is news for us!

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